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All domains on this page can be interpreted with weeks, weekdays or weekends, but can be used for any other purpose as well.


Derived from the Spanish “Lunes, Domingo, Sabado” (Monday, Sunday, Saturday) – sort of a “long weekend in reverse”.
Brings to mind a lot of fun possibilities to make use of this domain.
Find the German and the English-variotions of this domain below. We can always wrap them into a bundle for you.
Asking Price: € 1.111,-* obo (Paid until: 18.Jan.2021)


Also derived from Spanish “Lunes a Domingo” meaning “Monday thu Sunday” and therefor simply meaning “week”.
Would be great for i.e. a weekly Spanish Online Newspaper?
Asking Price: € 2.000,-* obo (Paid until: 18.Jan.2021)


Shorter version of the Spanish domain above: “Lunes Domingo”, Monday Sunday” also simply meaning “week” in Spanish..
Asking Price: € 2.500,-* obo (Paid until: 18.Jan.2021)


The German version of the Spanish “Ludosa” above. Meaning simply “Montag, Sonntag, Samstag” or, in English, “Monday, Sunday, Saturday” offering itself for the same fun applications.
Find the Spanish version of this Domain above, and the English one below. We can always wrap those 3 into one bundle for you.)
Asking Price: € 1.099,-* obo (Paid until: 18.Jan.2021)


This would be the English version of the Spanish “Ludosa.com” and the German “Mososa.com” above.
Simply stands for “Monday, Sunday, Saturday”…. 🙂
All three languages taken together would make for a great international bundle.
Asking Price: € 1.016,-* obo (Paid for until: 18.Jan.2021)


The “long weekend” in German lending itself to all kinds of activities a “normal weekend” would be too short for.
“Samstag, Sonntag, Montag” equals “Saturday, Sunday, Monday” …but its also simply a nice short 6-letter domain that is easy to communicate.
Asking Price: € 1.337,-* obo (Paid until 01.Sept.2021)

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