TV (i.e.4 Documentaries)

*.tv domains, despite being rather pricy to begin with, are almost as sought-after and hard to come by as *.com domains.
Well, here is now one of these rare opportunities to obtain an equally great, meaningful and easy to communicate *.tv domain to accompany i.e. TV-documentaries online.
Aqua obviously being the Latin term for “Water” and Terra that for “Land”.
Asking Price: € 2.549,-* obo (currently paid for until 13 August 2020)
If you are interested in this domain, you might also be interested in a collaboration with us here at Human Quest, so: Lets talk! 🙂

This really is more than just a domain: It is a complete busines-concept targeted at airlines to turn “In-Air-Entertainment” from a cost-factor into its own profit-center.
In these days and ages of cut-throat pricing wars above the clouds a truly great concept! Asking Price consequently is for the domain and the detailed business-plan.
Asking Price: € 56.202,-* obo

* Remark: All of the above “Asking Prices” are “obo” aka: “Or Best Offer” and we require a backlink from your future website to our “” website to help with our SEO.

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