The initial story behind this domain is, that there is an Austrian newspaper by the name “DerStandard” which, initially, was the possibly best newspaper in the world! (Ranking definately one of the Top-3 in the German speaking market.)
What made it so great was, that they were reporting FACTS and FACTS ONLY!
No attempts ever to manipulate it’s readers……
And one day that suddenly not only changed, but actually tilted in the total opposite direction.
So, a bunch of people had the idea to publish a paper online, based on the “actual one” ( but republish their tainted articles to again be objective. In Austrian slang the word “malice” is would be “oag” ….which could be spelled “org”. We thought the idea was hilarious, even had the site coded to automatically copy the articles for us to edit them into the correct version….
But with all those involved having a lot on their plates as it was, things progressed slowly and eventually it seemed that the Editor in Chief, responsible for the downfall was replaced and there no longer was a need for such a “counter-newspaper”.
…but we held on to the domain, sort of: “Just in case”… 🙂
Now its up for sale since the world has changed to the worse and we need to focus on more pressing issues.
Asking Price: € 10.055,-* obo,
…………….or maybe some “media-deal” to help promote Human Quest?

There are three reason why the people of this world can’t get together and join hands to heal our planet: “Greed”, “Jelousy” and the effects of “Divide and Conquer”. Nowadays everybody feels entitled to place personal sensitivities ahead of any common- or greater good. Vegans don’t even talk to “meat eaters”,  those using public transportation consider themselves the arch-enemies of those driving with cars, pedestrians are “at war” with cyclists, “Christians” feel superior to Moslems, those who fell for the “Anti-Smoke-Propaganda” wont even talk to “Smokers” anymore and people of color hate whites even more than those ever hated them (etc., etc.) and racism is florishing in every corner and on any subject.
The worst version of racism, by far, is Feminism, claiming that “Woman are always and with everything “better than men”.
An incredibly infantile and evil concept.
When replacing the terms “woman” and “men” in the slogans of Feminism with “white” vs “black” or with “Arians” vs “Jews” the true nature of Feminsm immediately becomes transparent.
The original purpose of this domain was to create a website promoting “Equality” but fighting “Feminsm” encouraging Humans to see each other as nothing but Humans and to overcome all these silly and harmful notions of anyone being “entitled” to anything other than what they have earned with their seriousness and devotion and hard work and dedication….
Well, again, other issues have become even more pressing, so this domain also is for sale and hopefully will be put to good use.
We are offering it for a very cheap
Asking Price: of only € 500,-* ….but the sale will be subject to terms assuring that it wont be used agains(!) the initial intention.

* Remark: Part of a sale will require a backlink from your website to our “” website to help with our SEO.

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