President Obama

These domains are not for sale to the general public!
We offer them for free to (unfortunately “former”) President Obama who I truly believe to be one of the three greatest Americans of the last century, together with John F. Kennedy and Senator Bernie Sanders.
We also might sell them as a package to the DNC or any other individual, group or organisation that can assure us, not to use them in a derogatory manner.

Asking Price:13.090,-* obo for both, currently paid for well into 2021
If not sold we will keep them as long as we can to prevent any possible abuse.

The “am”-part of this domain could stand for an abbreviation of “America” or of course could be short for “I am”.

We did purchase this domain when President Obama first ran for office and there was very little we were able to contribute to his victory from abroad.
The intended meaning of this domain was combining “the name of the man” with the word “Embassy” while creating sort of a “digital embassy” to motivate our many friends in the US and abroad to go to the polls and vote for him.

* Remark: The above “Asking Price” is “obo” aka: “Or Best Offer” We would be proud to receive a backlink from any future website to our “” website to help with our SEO, but we don’t require it

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