Philosophy & Discussion

Latin and stands for: “Nothing needs to be added to Nothing” …clearly a very nice foundation to publish philosophical thoughts or invite a discussion or exchange.
Asking Price: € 2.375,-* obo

Latin and stands for “There is no such thing like Nothing” ….yet another very philosophical approach to life in general. Write or enter into an exchange, – this is a great domain for you!
Asking Price: € 3.847,-* obo

German for “Freedom of Speech” or for “Speak your Mind”!
Perfect domain in a language spoken by some 100 Million people in Europe.
Asking Price: € 2.112,-* obo

“Thinker” or “Thinkers” would be the correct translation of the German word “Denker”. Yet another great German domain for any and all philosophical content. It’s easy to communicate and despite *.club not being the most desirable TLD, it goes very well with this name and it makes this domain really cheap for you to get.
Asking Price: € 859,-* obo

And again a German domain also most suitable for anything philosophical, political or for commenting on events off the mainstream media.
The meaning of “ungefragt” is would be “unasked” or “unsolicited” but is more commonly used in German than its English counterparts.
Asking Price: € 4.016,-* obo

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