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[The featured image depicts “Tres Hombres”, true “Re-Pioneers” for transporting Cargo under Sail (again). Using that image is not for disrespect, but to the contrary!]

The name of the most notable gathering and racing of Classic Yachts every year.
Marking the end of the Winter-Season in the Caribbean, the most beautiful classic yachts usually get together during April every year on the Island of Antigua, prior to crossing the Atlantic back to Europe for the Summer Season (or heading up North to the East-Coast of the US and Canada).
No need to tell you about the possibilities owning this domain name would be offering!
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Designed by Charles E. Nichlson “Black Swan of 1899” (Ex “Brynhild”) is one of the oldest sailing yachts still traveling the Seven Seas.
But, even more remarkable she also is the “mother” of the most notable Classics: The s.c. “J-Classes”. Already “identical” in shape and size she still carries the old-fashioned Gaff-Ketch-Rig which gives her a less “sporty” but more traditional appearance.
A couple of years ago we found her in very poor condition in Italy and while negotiating purchasing her for our “786 Global Tour”-Project and promoting it on Facebook someone got allerted to her being available and snatched her away from under our noses. We never the less did offer him the Domain as well, he also said he wanted it, but did not come through in the years since.
So; If you want a domain name closely linked to a maritime gem, this could be the one!
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Short for “Maritime Company” or “Corporation” this is a simply perfect domain name for any endevaour within the nautical industry.
Short, easy to communicate, a *.com TLD, …it does not get any better – and you can own it for a very reasonable asking price!
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Neptun“, “Rasmus” and “Poseidon” – the Gods of the Sea of the ancient Romans, Germans and Greek mythologies respectively – all brought together in one single Domain Name!
And with being one of the most desirable *.com TLD’s, short with only 7 letters and easy to communicate it should be the perfect domain name for you if you intend to embark on any venture of nautical nature.
Don’t procrastinate! Domain names of such quality don’t come up for sale anymore too often.
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Without much doubt transportation of “non-perishable” cargo accross the Oceans will have to revert back to transportation under sail. Rather sooner than later, because these Cargo-Ships, burning Crude Oil are the biggest single source of polluting our planet.
Eventually all shipping companies will have to come around and the first one to realize that will have an additional head-start when owning this domain!
It aint “cheap”, but it will pay off on the investments in no time. Short, a most desirable *.com TLD, easy to communicate and to remember.
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Great Boat-/ Yacht-Names, plus…

….the domain names to go with them! = SY MIOS
A short, easy to communicate *.com address for a yacht-name that has the ring of a Greek Island to it. (Plus it has a lot of uses in the world of commerce).
Asking Price: € 2.929,- * obo and we might even help you design a logo to go with it!
(Currently paid for until 28 Feb. 2022) = SY LILA
Also very short, easy to communicate *.com address for a yacht name which could have the German meaning for purple. Or it could mean “Divine Play” if derived from Hinduism. “Lila” realy has a lot of meanings for you to choose from! (ie. Wikipedia)
Asking Price: € 2.949,- * obo and we might even help you design a logo to go with it!
(Currently paid for until 28 Feb. 2022) = SY AMOR
Do we really need to explain the meaning of AMOR? 🙂  What a great name that would be for your yacht. LOVE,…. nothing but love!
Asking Price: € 7.306,-* obo and we might even help you design a logo to go with it!
(Currently paid for until 28 Feb. 2022) = SY or MY AMO MARE
Yet another absolutely great domain name for a yacht! “Amo Mare” is short for “I love the Sea” (Latin, Italian, Spanish…)
Asking Price: € 6.211,-* obo and we might even help you design a logo to go with it!
(Currently paid for until 25 July. 2020) = SY or MY AMOR MARE
Similar to the one above, this one implicates to be “Loved by the Sea” or to be “The Love of the Sea”. Either way, an absolutely great name for any yacht of any size.
Asking Price: € 4.224,-* obo and we might even help you design a logo to go with it!
(Currently paid for until 09 Nov. 2021)

* Remark: All of the above “Asking Prices” are “obo” aka: “Or Best Offer” and we require a backlink from your future website to our “” website to help with our SEO.

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This domain, and the boat you can see on the website linked to above, come with a true crime story that no Hollywood-Screenwriter could possibly come up with.
All of it seems to have started started with a certain “Leonid Minin” – an “Ukrainian/Israeli – Business Man”, who was very favourably portraied by Nicolas Cage in the film “Lord of War” – and ended with a bunch of Mallorca Criminals, (“Oscar Siches”, “Pablo Roca” and “Justo Arcenillas”) working for an (as of yet) unknown Mallorca-Kingpin, not shying away from committing any crime to usurp this yacht.
(And not(!) because they would have “fallen in love” with that beautiful lady!)
The whole story would – and actually does(!) – fill a book and obviously has no room to be repeated here.
The “asking price” refelcts the amount I personally have lost during this story – not taking into consideration all the pain and suffering and severe problems these MFCSIM’s have caused me. It does not include the vessel, but the promise not to publish the book.
Asking Price: € 1.700.000,-