Meaningful Shorties

Translates into: “See? We Won! See? See?” …I kind of always liked that little “mind-game” behind this domain-name.
Asking Price: € 3.999,-* obo

What a great and almost “historic” name! Perfect for any Disco, Bar or Night-Club anywhere in the world.
Asking Price: € 5.747,-* obo

Includes the words “ego” (meaning “I” in Latin) and “tauro” (meaning “Taurus” /”Bull” in Latin). The possibilities for putting this domain to a great use are literally endless!
Asking Price: € 3.767,-* obo

Initially intended for a political website meaning “For Europe but For A Europe Of The People” in German (“Für Europa, Aber Für Unser Europa!”) it lends itself to any other purpose being a short “6-letter” domain that is easy to communicate.
Asking Price: € 1.095,-* obo

Further short little 6-letter Domains, that are easy to communicate, easy to market and that you can give any meaning you like: Asking Price: € 2.267,-* obo Asking Price: € 1.320,-* obo (I like that “Harry Potter”-ring it has to it!) Asking Price: € 3.461,-* obo Asking Price: € 1.263,-* obo

The final one in this category:
Its the longest (7-letters) and least meaningful – and yet the most expensive one!
The simple reason being, that a family by that name has not only intentionally caused me personally a lot of pain and suffering but also a lot of money, they basically “stole” from the “cause”.
Selling this domain should help recover at least some(!) of these losses.
Asking Price: € 31.224,- (as of February 2019, going up as time goes by.)

* Remark: All of the above “Asking Prices” (except the are “obo” aka: “Or Best Offer” and we require a backlink from your future website to our “” website to help with our SEO.

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