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Those two domains really do belong together! For sale individually, but if you want them both, we’ll be happy to bundle them into a nice deal for you.

What a great name for any project taking your dance-show, theater, art-exhibition, performing-art, your orchestra, band or any other cultural event “On the Road”!
Back in 2008 I used it to promte a charitable tour bringing a theater-play to the people long ways from the next city in order to generate donations benefiting a “Children Cancer Research and Treatment Charity”.
Asking Price: € 1.441,-* obo (Paid until: 17 May 2020)

The German version to the domain above, meaning the exact same thing.
Initially it was used to promote a charitable tour through Austria the proceeds of which we donated to the “St.Anna Kinderkrebs-Forschung”.
I did not make any money with that tour, on the contrary! …but these 60 days I was able to travel together with my wife, see a lot of beautiful countryside, meet many fabulous people remain one of the best times I have ever had in my life.
It truly is incredible to experience how much one gains by way of giving!
Asking Price: € 2.163,-* obo (Paid until: 17 May 2020)

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If you want to acquire one or both of these domain names to also promote a charitable concept, just talk to us and we might just give them to you for free.

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