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German domain that’s easy to understand in English as well: “All Castings”!
The concept came up as an alternative to “Private Lotteries” when some European countries, with Germany taking the lead, outlawed “personal raffles/private lotteries” ventures. Great concept to outmanouver the prohibitive and protectionist violations of European laws! This cool domain comes with our assistance and coaching for you to embark creating your own little “Lottery-Empire”.
Asking Price: € 1.320,-* obo (currently paid until: 19 Jan 2021)

“Luca” derives from the Latin word “Lucere” meaning “shining, glorious, blessed” or simply “Luck!” – Hence with the add on “Bona” meaning “good/great” this easy to remember and communicate *.com TLD means “Great Luck!”
Asking Price: € 1.599,-* obo (currently paid until 01 Sept. 2021)

This domain name is a cool mix of the word “Bon” (good) and the Mandarin Chinese word “fen” meaning (good) “fortune”. Very nice domain for targeting the Asian markets plus it again simply is short, easy to remember and to communicate and one of the sought-after high value *.com TLD’s.
Asking Price: € 1.304,-* obo (currently paid until 01 Sept. 2021)

Short for Latin “Lucere” meaning “shining, glorious, blessed” or simply “Luck!”.
BonLuc therefor is “Good Luck” in one short, intelligent and easily communicated phrase. Only 6-letters further enhance the value of this sought-after *.com TLD
Asking Price: € 1.999,-* obo (currently paid until 01 Sept. 2021)

A variation of the above “BonLuc” but containing already 8-letters and consequently being offered for only about half the price of “”. Still it is a high value *.com TLD and can find good use in a variaty of applications.
Asking Price: € 1.065,-* obo (currently paid until 01 Sept. 2021)

The German name of the “German Lottery” which is widely played by literally Millions of people every single week. We are not suggesting anything but why would someone not “piggy-back” on this very well established term to promote his own Lottery-System?
Asking Price: € 9.999,-* obo (currently paid until 16 Feb. 2020)

If you have a fan-club (like being a celebrity, a soccer-club etc.) and you want to establish closer relationships with your fans by i.e. regularularily drawing of desirable prices (meet your idols, win tickets etc.) this would make a fabulous domain for you.
Asking Price: € 3.333,-* obo (currently paid until 19 Jan. 2021)

Between 2008 and 2011 this domain was used as a certification plattform evaluating private lottery sites (German). Being awarded the seal of Lottozentrale was a strong indication that players could participate with confidence. All the original seals and concept are available with this domain.
Asking Price: € 3.333,-* obo (currently paid until 13 Feb. 2020)

For many years (between 2008 and 2012) this used to be “thee” Forum for private lotteries and home raffles. It is still online albeit dormant – but you will be given all access-codes and passwords if you wish to reactivate it in the current configuration.
Asking Price: € 4.534,-* obo (currently paid until 08 May 2020)

Special Super-Deal! & &

Those 3 domains together used to be the backbone of the largest “Private Lottery and Home Raffles”-System in Europe and beyond. What made it so remarkable is the fact that the way it was configured and built made it perfectly legal even in countries being very protective for their government run lotteries.
Included in the price are not only the domains, but our entire “know-how”, assistance and guidance for reactivating the setup and even all the scripts we had coded to make this a safe, secure and honest platform.
To be very frank, this would have been (and can be) a “money printing venture”, and the only reason we failed was, that we were not abe to find a way to accept Credit Card payments without outrageous commissions to the banks which would have made us look like “crooks” trying to line our pockets. If you can overcome this problem and are able to run a “tight & honest ship” your success should be “guaranteed”.
Just contact us and lets talk about this personally!
Asking Price: € 200.000,-* obo for the entire Package & Business-Model & Code

* Remark: All of the above “Asking Prices” are “obo” aka: “Or Best Offer” and we require a backlink from your future website to our “” website to help with our SEO.

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