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The meaning of “ana” is “anecdotes or literary gossip about a person” or “a collection of a person’s memorable sayings”.
In Hebrew and America the meaning of the name Ana is: Grace; In Maori the meaning of the name Ana is: Serene; and In Spanish the meaning of the name Ana is: Grace; favor..
And of course the addition of “Bona” always stands for “Good” or “Great”!
Containing only 7-letters and being a sought-after *.com TLD that is easy to pronounce and communicate/advertise this is a phantasic domain for whatever purpose you want!
Asking Price: € 2.410,-* obo (currently paid for until: 12 Aug. 2020)

Numerous possibilities to make use of this great, short and easy to communicate *.com domain.
i.e. “ala” in French describes to do or prepare things/meals in a certain way – and “bona” of course again implies that it is done well/good.
Asking Price: € 1.546,-* obo (currently paid for until: 01 Sept. 2021)

With “alta” of course meaning “higher” or “better” in Latin and “vit” being short for “Life” this domain would lend itself to anything medical, beauty-related or even for i.e a realestate development promising truly “better living”.
This domain is the exception to the rule concerning domains offered for sale on this site, since it was originally purchased for a friend and consequently the proceeds of a sale will have to be credited back to him.
Fabulous, short, easy to remember and to communicate, *.com domain!
Asking Price: € 7.224,-* obo (currently paid for until: 10 May 2020)

“ama” obviously derives from “loving” (somehing) and “bona” communicating “good” or “great” this also is a fabulously short and easy to communicate domain that lends itself to a basically unlimited range of uses.
Plus, *.com domains still are the most sought-after TLD’s.
Asking Price: € 1.827,-* obo (currently paid for until 01. Sept. 2021)

“ama” obviously derives from “loving” (somehing) and “vista” communicating “views” so this fabulously short and easy to communicate domain would lend itself perfectly to i.e. some realestate development or beauty-products.
Asking Price: € 5.405,-* obo (currently paid for until: 10 May 2021)

“Ami” being the French word for “Friend” and “bona” communicating “good” or “great” makes it obvious what an incredible range of products and services this would be the perfect domain for!
Also being a sought after *.com domain, short and easy to communicate with a very friendly ring to it, PLUS now available at a bargain price!
Asking Price: € 1.279,-* obo (currently paid for until: 01. Sept.2021)

“Amo” meaning to “loves something” and “bona” standing for “good” or “great” this is a fabulous domain sending out positive vibes on its own making the range of possible uses virtually unlimited. A sought-after *.com domain, short and easy to communicate at a very cheap price.
Asking Price: € 1.213,-* obo (currently paid for until: 01.Sept.2021)

“na” could be interpreted as “Not Applicable” or for the old English word for “not” or can be taken as a simple pointer to the second word “bona” meaning “good” or “great”.
Bargain price for a short sought-after *.com domain.
Asking Price: € 1.413,-* obo (currently paid for until: 01.Sept. 2021)


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