Nothing here!

This website is not intended as a Blog, so don’t expect any updates here.
All this is about is for us at Human Quest letting go of almost all our own domains (and some that have been made available to us in lieu of a “donation”) because right now we will need every Penny to get at least the 786 Global Tour off the ground.

It is URGENT! Especially since way too many people around the world still think (or, even worse, don’t think at all) that it does not concern them.
But our Planet is dying, seriously, no “fearmongering”, no “yeah, well, some future generation will have to worry about that…”

If we, (together!) with the many activists around the world also already fighting that “Final Battle”, don’t succeed, this Planet will become inhabitable for mankind (and most animals at the same time) within the forseable future! Scientist may come to different conclusions, but it does not really matter, if we have another 30, 50 or maybe even 70 years left?!

There is no “Plan B” (to saving this Planet) – simply because there is no “Planet B”!
So if you have children or other loved ones who currently are 50 years old or younger, you should have a more than excellent incentive and motivation, to lift your ass, and join the ranks of ANY(!) association, NGO, foundation, group of activists ….or at least join the Kids that have (finally!) started to demonstrate for a better future on a larger scale.
Truth is: Those of us who are 50 years old and older, are the ones responsible for the peril this Earth of ours is in, so we really shouldn’t be leaving the “fixing-it”part to the Kids!

Needless to say, you are also welcome to join us at Human Quest and help our projects get off the ground.

“Character starts where Comfort ends.” — Capt. Peter E. Brucha


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