Welcome – Willkommen

HUMAN QUESTwww.HumanQuest.org – is a Nonprofit Association dedicated to help saving this Planet of ours.

Simply, because we don’t have an “option”, we don’t have a “Planet B”.

The major challenge for any altruistic venture always is: Funding!

Human Quest is no exception to that rule.

Which, sort of, never fails to puzzle me, because after all: ALL OF US depend on this planet’s survival, on it maintaining an environment, habitable for mankind – and it most certainly is NOT some “Crazy Hippie-Thing” important only to a “bunch of freaks”….

Be it as it may:
Doing “the right thing” does not depend on anyone actually being grateful, but answers only to the question: “Is it the right thing to do?”
It most certainly is.
And for that simple reason I am doing it and am not expecting any “Thank You” from anyone.

After having invested my entire personal savings on a number of smaller projects, we now are building up to “fight the final battle”.
Which of course requires additional funding.
To get us started I now am offering my Domain-Portfolio for sale.

Let me assure you, that every Penny of the proceeds will go towards funding our projects, mainly the 786 Global Tour.

It consequently is a “Win-Win Situation”!

You get a great domain to possibly help you make more money – we get to continue with our work.

And if you decide not only to “NOT haggle” with us over our asking-price, but possibly even add at least some 50% to it, we might be perfectly happy confirming receipt of the full amount as a donation and sell the domain to you for like US$ 1.00 or € 1,-
(Needless to say, we can’t make any promises as to how effective that would be for your tax-planning, so you better talk to your accountant first.)

And now: Please feel free to browse our Portfolio to find the right domain for you and/or your business!

Capt. Peter E. Brucha
Founder & Chairman
of “Human Quest
and “786Global

Disclaimer: All Domains offered for sale here are either owned by me, by us or made available by the respective owners. All transfers are being guaranteed with the use of a respected international Escrow-Service.

If you’d consider donating a domain YOU own, for us to offer for sale here as well, please(!) do contact us!